Teachers are pretty much superheroes, and at St. Isidore School we have the best of the best! They are encouraging, caring, and extremely enthusiastic about learning. Our teachers come to school each day with the primary focus of helping students be the best they can be. Spiritually, emotionally, and lovingly they guide, day in and day out. Their days are long, their hearts are big, and we are grateful!

Take a look at what some of our AWESOME teachers say they love about teaching!

Miss Devine: I love seeing their eyes light up when they finally understand a concept. I enjoy modeling kindness to them and seeing it reflected.

Mrs. Gerberich: The children, children, children! I love building relationships with them and sharing our faith.

Mrs. Carter: I love that I learn new things along side of my students.

Mrs. Sullivan: I love seeing my students use what they have learned after the lesson. It is so fun to see their growth. It's a true blessing.

Mr. Darnell: I love when students understand something that they didn't understand before.

Mrs. Hutchinson: My favorite part of teaching is spending time watching and learning from my students! My favorite job ever is working here at SIS!