Core Curriculum:
Our core curriculum includes Religion, Math, Science, Writing and Grammar, Literature and Vocabulary, Spelling, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education, Music, Spanish (K-8th), Library, and Technology.

SOAR Curriculum (6th Grade):
The SOAR curriculum is a strategic learning skills program for college and career readiness. The program teaches students how to set goals, organize, ask questions, and record their progress. Students will learn ways to establish priorities, manage their time, take notes to help them process their learning, and study for tests. The program focuses on the "soft skills" needed such as developing critical thinking skills, self management skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills.

Enrichment Curriculum (6th-8th grades):

Arts and Sports:
Art, Student Newspaper, Book Club, Dance, Fundamental of Sports, & Yoga

Coding, Graphic Design, Keyboarding, Robotics, & Yearbook

Economics, Home Economics, Sign Language & Study Hall

All curriculum policies and procedures are established by the Department of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Oakland.

Resource Support Team:
We want all our students to be successful and therefore have support services available. Our Resource Team includes a Resource Director, Reading Specialist, Educational and School Psychologist, and a Resource Specialist.

Small student/teacher ratio:
All of our classrooms have a homeroom teacher and an instructional assistant. Classes are divided into smaller groups for Reading, Writing, Math, and Technology which allows for specialized instruction.

All of our teachers are credentialed or currently enrolled in a credential program. In addition, our teachers actively participate in ongoing professional development.