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Librarian: Lee Lewis
Assistant Librarians: Michele Miller & Cynthia McEntush

The St. Isidore School Library, home of over 13,000 books dedicated to our TK through 8th grade students. E-Books have also been added to our collection to accommodate all the various reading preferences at St. Isidore School. This diverse collection of books is designed to meet the educational, curricular, informational, and recreational needs of St. Isidore School.

Reading at St. Isidore IS a top priority! The library is open to all students from 7:20 am until 4:00 pm and has two full-time librarians. In addition, each class has a scheduled time to visit the library weekly. The library is fully automated and provides six computers for student use. During the students' library time, we focus on individual research, reading needs, selecting appropriate books, library skills, story time, silent reading and Reading Counts. Our goal for the students at St. Isidore is to instill a love for reading so that our students become life-long readers.

Reading Counts (designed by Scholastic) is a reading motivation and management tool that helps encourage and monitor independent reading. Students set individual reading goals (usually by trimester), select a book they would like to read, read at their own pace, and take a short quiz to verify comprehension. Students enjoy instant feedback on their progress and feel success as they achieve their individual goals. The program is accessible through any school computer. The teachers can monitor student progress, check on their reading levels, and intervene, if necessary. This motivation and feedback is important to help students sustain good reading habits, especially as they get older. Grades 3 through 8 are currently participating.

Reading Counts is only a tool. As parents, you have a very important role in helping your children become successful readers. The best way you can help is to foster good reading habits with your children. Students should read a minimum of one-half hour every day as reading achievement is directly related to the amount of time your child spends reading! A quiet space, time to read, and a book your child has picked him/herself is an unbeatable combination for success.

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