Schoolwide Learning Expectations

The following expectations are an integral part of the Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade curriculum. St. Isidore School graduates are:

F - Faithful Catholics who:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Model the Gospel Values daily
  • Participate in prayer and liturgy
  • Show respect for God’s creation

A - Active Communicators who:

  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively to improve learning
  • Communicate thoughts clearly and respectfully
  • Write and speak with clarity and confidence
  • Listen attentively and compassionately

I - Innovative Learners who:

  • Display creativity and curiosity
  • Research and analyze information effectively
  • Apply various resources, skills, and strategies
  • Utilize the tools of technology responsibly

T - Trustworthy Citizens who:

  • Exercise self-discipline and self-respect
  • Respond compassionately to the needs of others
  • Take responsibility for one’s actions
  • Impart social consciousness

H - Humble Servants who:

  • Place others before oneself
  • Assist the community willingly
  • Exercise compassion and empathy
  • Love God and others