At St. Isidore School, every student is given the opportunity to succeed. The curriculum builds a continuum of learning that strived to address the needs and abilities of each child. In every classroom, a variety of learning styles are recognized and differentiated instruction is used to reach all our students. The Academic Support teachers at St. Isidore School partner with classroom teachers and parents to support student learning in grades TK - 8 and provide limited small group reading intervention and curriculum support to best meet students' needs. 

A speech and language therapist and an educational psychologist are also available for student screening on a referral basis. 



Our School Counselor is available to meet with students, to help sort through problems that might be happening in their day-to-day lives when needed. All students have the ability to benefit from this trusting adult during their educational journey at St. Isidore School. Sometimes, there are problems that need more attention or expertise than our School Counselor can offer. Our School Counselor works with experts, in the field of psychology, to assist students and parents in working through some difficult personal or family concerns. 

small group with teacher in hallway