eScrip Program

Sign up with eScrip:

eScrip ( is a website which offers a number of school fundraising programs. St. Isidore will receive funds from participating brick and mortar stores and websites. A small amount of time setting up your account and the money gets credited to St. Isidore for purchases you were going to make anyway for as long as you use your cards. Just go to and sign up. See below for details. This is one of the easiest ways to support St. Isidore.

If you have questions, please contact Rory Motas at (925) 837-2977.

1. Grocery/Drug Card eScrip

• Go to ( to register other Grocery and Drug store rewards cards.
• Lunardi’s, Vons, Mollie Stone’s, ShopRite and others. Just click “my escrip” to register more cards.

2. Credit Card eScrip
• Register your Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card credit cards at
• Be SURE you have selected St. Isidore as the beneficiary.
• Just click “my escrip” and register more cards. St. Isidore benefits when you shop at the merchants listed at “Shop at the Store.”
• Some national restaurant chains also participate. Sign up, it is so easy!

3. Online Shopping benefits St. Isidore through eScrip Online Mall
• Start online shopping at the St. Isidore website. Click here to go to the eScrip online mall!
• Most major retailers including: E-Bay,, Oriental Trading Company, Harry and David, 1-800 Flowers, and many more! Check it out! It is so easy!
• No need to register your cards, or be a member, just click the link and shop using the eScrip mall!
• Forward this link to family and friends and their shopping will earn St. Isidore money!
• OR login to , click the “Online Mall” link if you are a Registered Supporter (with a Safeway or other loyalty card).
• To make this even easier, download AutoEarn which is a software program you download onto your computer which automatically tracks your purchase amounts and credits St. Isidore for your online purchases.
• Although it won’t give double credit against a “paper scrip” purchase, if you are buying more than you have paper scrip to cover, St. Isidore receives a percentage of the balance. A great way to supplement paper scrip! Plus there are MANY more merchants online than what are listed on the “Green Sheet.”

Click the image below to go to the eScrip ONLINE MALL