Distance Learning

image of a student sitting at home in front of her laptop


INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS FOR DISTANCE LEARNING:  Students in all grades begin school at 8:00.  Students in grades 2 - 8 end their school day at 2:30 PM.  Students in grades TK - 1 have optional specialty classes at the end of each day but end earlier than the older students.  We open each day with Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Homeroom announcements. Each of the core classes will consists of live instruction by the teachers, followed by independent time to complete assigned classwork. In Grades TK-4: Math, Reading, Writing and Religion will be instructed before lunch. Grades 5-8 will be instructed by each grade level's three (3) team members. 


  1. Will students start the year in distance learning?  As mentioned in the letter above the Contra Costa Health Services released a statement notifying the public that they WILL NOT be supporting elementary school waiver applications at this time. Click here to view their statement.
  2. Will students be required to wear school uniforms during distance learning?  While students are not required to wear their complete uniform, they will need to wear their school polo, sweatshirt or SIS spirit t’shirt.  This will alleviate the need to monitor attire for online instruction.
  3. Will students be required to attend all homeroom and live instructional times?  Yes. Attendance will be taken during those times to ensure students are present. The expectation is the same as if we were on-site for instruction. 
  4. When will we be informed of my student’s assigned classroom?  Class assignments will be shared on Monday, August 17th.  We are unable to meet all recent requests for placement into pods. Much consideration was given to balancing our students into the three sections. 
  5. Is the school office open?  The school office is currently open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM -3:30 PM. Please feel free to contact us directly at (925) 837-2877.  In an effort to comply with health and safety regulations, we are trying to keep on-campus visits to a minimum. If there is a need to be on campus, please speak to someone from the office in advance.