Dear St. Isidore School Parents,

The St. Isidore School ANNUAL FUND is the foundation of our fundraising efforts, and is an essential component of delivering excellence in Catholic education to our community. We take great pride in keeping tuition affordable and accessible for our families.  The cost of educating a child at St. Isidore School has continued to rise steadily over the years.

For the 2022-23 school year, the cost to educate a child at St. Isidore will exceed $11,000. Tuition and registration will typically cover 90% of this cost. The Annual Fund helps make up the difference, and contributes to offsetting operational costs of the school and towards the salaries and benefits for teachers, assistants, and staff, which comprise nearly 80% of the operating budget. We rely on the generosity of our school families to sustain the operation of the school and help keep tuition increases reasonable.

“The Gap” between the average tuition and the cost to educate a student is projected to be over $700 this year, and every donation makes an impact. We are asking for each family to donate at least $500 per student to the Annual Fund for 2022-23. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and is the most effective way to support St. Isidore School. Our goal is to have every family participate in the Annual Fund in a meaningful way. If $500 per student is not realistic for your family at this time, please give what you can. Likewise, for those blessed with the means to contribute more than $500 per student, we welcome it!

For your convenience, we offer multiple Annual Fund Payments options:

  • One simple payment - cash, check, or credit card

  • Monthly payments via FACTS Tuition Portal. Click HERE for instructions. 

  • Matching Donations (inquire through your employer’s HR department if your company offers matching gifts)

Your generosity is essential to our success, and we thank you in advance for your donation and support of St. Isidore School and Catholic education!

Gratefully blessed,

Mrs. Carol Bender, Principal