Donate to Mind the Gap Annual Fund

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Greetings St. Isidore School Families,

Our school has taken much pride over the years, to keep tuition affordable and accessible to our families, despite the reality associated with the growing costs of a Catholic education.

Our tuition and fees only cover about 80% of the cost to educate a St. Isidore student, per year. Therefore, the difference needs to be made. That difference comes to be approximately $500 per student. For the past 6 years, since the creation of our MIND THE GAP ANNUAL FUND, it remains to be the foundation for our school fundraising goals. Those goals represent the remaining 20% which mostly contribute to our teachers’ salaries and benefits.

We are asking this year every family please consider making the recommended $500 per student donation to MIND THE GAP ANNUAL FUND.

If all of our families give the recommended $500 per student donation, our children will continue to receive the same great quality and very best of our teachers which we have all come to expect at St. Isidore School. The difference sustains our teachers’ salaries and benefits, as that is the majority of our operating budget. In addition, your donation is 100% tax deductible, 100% goes directly to our teachers’ salaries and benefits and you can make a one time payment or you can make monthly payments through FACTS.

With your $500 donation, you will also receive the very exclusive St. Isidore School car magnet!

Lastly, please consider being a Double your Donation contributor by participating in our Corporate Matching Gift Program. Many companies match dollar-for-dollar when their employees donate to St. Isidore School. If your company is eligible, simply request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift-we do the rest!

Please click here to see a list of current Corporate Matching Donors that will match and double your Mind The Gap Annual Fund donation. Please click here to see more information on the Top 20 Matching Gift Companies.

Though this letter is limited by words, our gratitude has no such bounds. While we still have a distance to go in order to reach our goal, we are certain that our goals are worthy and that by the grace of our families and strength in our school we will succeed!

Please email with any questions you may have.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Maria Ward, PTG, and School Board