Annual Fund Donation

Dear St. Isidore School Parents,

Our school has taken much pride over the years in keeping tuition affordable and accessible to families despite the growing costs of a quality education. The ANNUAL FUND remains the foundation of our school fundraising goals. This year, we have designated November as our Annual Fund Push Month!  Giving thanks for a Catholic Education!

The tuition and fees collected for the year cover approximately 95% of the cost to educate a child at St. Isidore School which is $10,381 for 2021-22 school year. The ANNUAL FUND was created many years ago to address this gap and plays a key role in our annual fundraising efforts. This fund contributes to the operational costs for the school year and towards our teachers’ salaries/benefits. 

We are asking for each family to donate $350 per child to the ANNUAL FUND this school year. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and is the most effective way to impact our children’s program.  We sincerely thank the 172 families who have already donated through 2021-22 Registration in the Spring and through monthly FACTS payments.

For the families who donate the recommended $350 per student Annual Fund by November 30th, along with those who already donated earlier in the year, their name will be included in a raffle to win  One month FREE tuition for 1 Child.  Imagine if all families contribute to the fund, then all other fundraising efforts would simply be additional means for advancing our programs!

For your convenience, some Annual Fund payment options:

  •  One Simple Payment - Cash, Check or Credit Card 

  • Matching Donations - Inquire through your employer HR department if your company LLC participates

Your gifts directly impact the lives of each St. Isidore student.  Thank you in advance for your donation and in support of Catholic Education! 

Gratefully blessed,

Mrs. Carol Bender, Principal