As students explore history teachers will use an inquiry approach by asking questions, investigating concepts and drawing conclusions. There is an interactive component where students act out various historic scenarios. Students will also visit our maker space for hands on activities from history.

6th Grade history curriculum focuses on the Ancient World, covering early humankind and the rise of civilizations. Students will also look at the geography of these parts of the world to understand how civilization began.

7th Grade history curriculum begins where students left off in 6th grade with the continual rise and fall of the Roman Empire. From there, students will study the Medieval Times looking at the rise of feudalism and Christianity. Students will learn about other cultures such as Africa, Asia, India and Europe; as well as the geography of these areas.

8th Grade history curriculum focuses on the first Americans, early European colonists, and life in the colonies. Focus will center on the formation of the United States, expanding the nation, and the Civil War. Students will also study the geography of the United States. Throughout the year students will participate in Socratic Seminars so they can discuss and debate various historic events.