Students will spend time examining their Catholic beliefs and traditions, memorizing prayers and mass responses, and how they are called to live (in terms of morality and social justice). It is our goal that the children grow spiritually and develop a closer relationship with God and each other.

Students will receive instruction in social skills and emotion management, by means of lessons in the program of Second Step: Student Success through Prevention.

6th grade curriculum focuses on the Old Testament events that teach students about the covenant that God formed with man. Students will work towards a better understanding of how these events led to the fulfillment of God’s covenant in Jesus in the New Testament.

7th grade curriculum focuses on the New Testament and the Catholic Sacraments. The students will gain a deeper understanding of how the covenant that God formed with man in the Old Testament is fulfilled in Jesus in the New Testament.

8th grade curriculum focuses on Church History, including studying the Councils and their impact on changing the mechanics of mass. The students will learn about the Catholic Social Teachings and how they can be applied to personal and societal situations.