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School Advisory Board

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The Advisory Board  provides advice and assistance to the Pastor and Principal in establishing goals that shall direct the operation and planning of St. Isidore School.


1. Recommend goals that accentuate and strengthen the school’s mission, identity, and responsibilities as a Catholic school.

2. Recommend goals to the Pastor and Principal governing the long-term operation and planning of the school.

3. Create a better understanding of Catholic education in the community by fostering a relationship between the school and the entire community, both civic and cultural groups, and other schools of the area.

4. Generate effective marketing and communication strategies rooted in an understanding of constituency needs that reflect the mission of the school in a variety of mediums.

5. Analyze the school budget to determine if it realistically reflects the general financial and physical needs of the school’s current and long-term goals. 

6. Assess the needs of the physical plant facilities and grounds to direct a plan for capital improvement.

7. Identify the school's fundraising needs and make recommendations for its future financial stability and the means to achieve it. 

8. Assess and support the campus safety and wellness of the school community.



Pastor:  Father Matthew Murray

Principal: Mrs. Bender 

Chair:  Mr. Gagnon 

Secretary: Mrs. Inglesby 

The School Advisory Board consists of five committees: 

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Facilities
  • Safety and Security
  • Advancement

Ex- Officio Members:

  • Vice Principal                                      
  • Faculty Representative
  • Parish Liaison