Specialty Courses


The Physical Education Department here at St. Isidore School hopes to capture the imagination of the youth through engaging learning experiences while also revealing the importance of living an active life. The atmosphere in P.E. class aims to create a fair environment for all students to be able to express themselves through cooperative group activities, cooperative dual activities, and individual activities. Fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, athletic skill and responsibility are hallmarks of the Bulldog way.

Art TK - 5th Grade

Our focus in Art class is learning to enjoy, appreciate and create art. We will look at different styles, cultures and periods of art, as well as create our own masterpieces inspired by the elements of art, principles of design and famous artists. TK - 5th grade students meet for Art class once a week. Students will be exposed to a variety of materials and techniques throughout the year.

The arts are an important factor in developing a well-rounded student. In art class, students will learn to discuss their artwork and the work of others through class conversations and written reflections. Art is not only an essential part of Common Core learning but it also connects students to different cultures, develops aesthetic values, as well as uses critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Spanish - TK - 5th Grade:

This class will inspire students to develop a love for Spanish. The program supports academic preparation for success in the primary grades and middle school while upholding Catholic values. Traditional kindergarten and kindergarten classes meet for twenty-five minutes once per week and grades first through fifth for two twenty-five minute periods per week. The focus of each class is on oral language development: building vocabulary through speaking, reading and writing activities to enhance conversation and fluency. The child-centered activities in every unit of study provide ample opportunities for learning new vocabulary in different formats, developing fluency, and role playing real-life situations. Another component of this program is the exploration of Latin American cultures through stories, music, dance and games. The use of various Spanish websites such as, Duolingo, Quizlet, Rockalingua, and Study Spanish.com will be introduced and encouraged as additional practice.