Student Life


At St. Isidore School we believe each student is a unique and beautiful gift. We foster individuality in a familial environment, inspiring students to explore and grow. Teachers create a love of learning by nurturing an inquisitive spirit, building connections, and developing critical thinking. Our students are socially aware and encouraged to make a difference in world through community outreach and assistance to those in need. We understand that today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders.

Specialty classes are integrated into our daily curriculum, offering new and fun learning opportunities. Our TK-5 students work collaboratively and creatively in Spanish, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Technology, while our middle school students are offered additional learning opportunities such as Robotics, American Sign Language, and Coding. Specific grade levels experience off-site learning opportunities by visiting environmental camps, historical landmarks, and local museums.

Graduates from St. Isidore School are academically prepared, socially adept, confident, and ready to lead. We boast 100% acceptance to Bay Area Catholic high schools. Our students excel in high school and go on to attend elite colleges around the country.