Student Leadership

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Student Leadership is a group of students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th, who are elected in the Spring for various leadership positions. These positions include President, Spirit, Religion, Ecology, Class Representatives, and other various leadership positions. The main focus of Student Leadership is to promote a positive school community by following the gospel values.

They also help create an environment where students feel validated and encourage students to have fun at school. This leadership group helps coordinate and organize school wide events such as Bingo Nights, Halloween, Catholic Schools Week, Red Ribbon Week, Random Acts of Kindness Week, Talent Show, School Rallies, and many more events. Every afternoon they lead the school community in our afternoon assemblies making sure we finish our day together with prayer and announcements.

Student Leadership students hold weekly meetings on Tuesday's during lunch in room 116. There are days through out the school year where students are asked to be available to participate in school wide events. Leadership students must maintain a 1 or 2 in effort and conduct and are unable have a grade below a C. Students who do not maintain these grades or who do not demonstrate responsible leadership skills and the Code of Conduct may be placed on suspension of duties, under the Principal's discretion.

St. Isidore is blessed to have such a rich leadership program. With the many fundraising efforts throughout the year, they are excited to give back to the community and to the school. Our hope is that these students continue to reach out in the community as they leave our school. We do love our Student Leadership students and appreciate all they do for our school. For more information, please feel free to contact our school counselor, Mrs. Devine,